5 Ways Hiring A Moving Company Can Save You Money On Your Move

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5 Ways Hiring A Moving Company Can Save You Money On Your Move

11 January 2016
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If you are planning a move, one of the most basic questions you will face is whether you should hire movers or do the move yourself. While hiring movers to pack, load, and transport your belongings can be a large expense, there are actually several ways that hiring movers can end up saving you money. When you take these expenses into consideration, you may find that hiring movers is a smaller expense than you thought it was. 

Spend Less On Hotels 

If you are moving across the country and are driving a large moving truck for the first time, you will likely have to stop at several hotels along the way. Driving a large vehicle can be more stressful than driving a car, making you get tired more quickly. If you do not plan appropriately, you may find yourself paying for more expensive hotels when you get tired in a city that does not have many options for accommodations. 

By hiring a moving company, you can either fly to your new home and spend nothing on hotels or you can travel in your personal vehicle much faster and further each day, lowering the amount you spend on hotels. 

Fewer or No Broken Items to Replace

Since professional packers have experience packing breakable and fragile items, it is less likely that your belongings will become damaged if they are packed and loaded by professional movers. If you insure your items, then you will not have to pay for a replacement if an item is damaged while being transported. Both of these factors contribute to you potentially spending less money to replace items when you hire movers. 

Time To Concentrate On Cleaning Your Old Place 

If you hire movers, once they load up the moving truck and leave, you will have more time to concentrate on cleaning your old apartment or home. Whereas if you are driving your own moving truck, you may be more likely to rush through your final cleaning of your home to get on the road. This can affect the amount of your deposit that you get back if you are renting your home. 

Potentially Saving You From Future Medical Bills 

Sprains and strains caused by improper lifting technique or attempting to lift items that are too heavy account for the majority of acute back pain, which is ranked as one of the most burdensome conditions in the United States. If you decide to move yourself and you end up getting injured by lifting a box that is too heavy or a piece of furniture that is awkward to lift or by getting fatigued throughout the day, you may lose work time and have to pay for medical treatment including exams, therapy, or medications. This can end up costing you more than hiring professional movers to take the physical burden off of you. 

Specialty Tools Are Usually Included In the Price 

When you are moving, there are many tools that you may not realize that you need. From various dollies and straps to specialty screwdrivers and power tools, you may find that you run to the hardware store to buy or rent several tools while you are trying to load items into the moving truck. This can result in a large unexpected expense. These items are usually included in the price of hiring movers, allowing them to do their job quickly and efficiently. 

While hiring movers may not completely pay for itself, when you consider the ways it can save you money, you may realize that it is a smaller expense than you initially thought it was. In addition, you will have less stress and more time to concentrate on other important tasks associated with moving.