Want To Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers? Start With A Beautiful Bathroom

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Want To Make Your Home Irresistible To Buyers? Start With A Beautiful Bathroom

29 January 2016
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If you're hoping to sell your home quickly and for a handsome price, you're probably considering all kinds of renovations to dazzle the eye and loosen the purse strings, from stone privacy fences to a deluxe backyard pool. But while these eye-catching extras can certainly attract prospective buyers to your open house, it's the beauty and functionality of the home's everyday amenities that actually encourage those visitors to imagine themselves as residents there. Surely no room in the house performs a more critical function than the littlest one, so here are some tips for turning your bathroom into a major selling point.

A Stylish Shower

A typically bare-bones tub and shower combination (complete with cheap vinyl curtain) may be all you need to get clean, but it won't do anything to help sell your home. Think about replacing that generic-looking structure with a more elegant unit. If you have plenty of room in there, you may want to build a standalone shower in a round, square or rectangular glass enclosure. Glass shower doors may slide, pivot outward or swing inward, depending on the unit design and the amount of clearance available. You can choose from clear, smoked, tinted or opaque glass to match the room's overall style and mood.

You can create a more impressive tub and shower space even if your square footage in the bathroom is limited. Simply renovate the existing tub and shower area to accommodate a set of sliding glass shower doors.

Working with Windows

Bathroom windows are a must for their ability to add brightness and cheer, but they're also a potential privacy issue. No one wants to feel awkward or paranoid while visiting this room, and prospective buyers will be keeping this point in mind as they examine your home. If your bathroom sports ordinary window glass, now would be a good time to shop around for discreet but attractive alternatives. These may include:

  • Frosted glass - Frosted glass is translucent but not transparent, so you'll get plenty of sunlight without giving up any privacy.
  • Tinted glass - Tinted glass can add a vivid splash of color to the room during daylight hours while also cutting down on heat transfer, which may improve the home's energy efficiency. A reflective layer can prevent outsiders from seeing in.
  • Stained glass - You can get stained glass panels featuring a variety of shapes or images -- or use glass paints to create your own designs.

A Question of Vanity

Don't assume that the bathroom vanity that originally came with the home is automatically the most flattering or practical choice. For instance, the home's previous owner may have installed an oversized vanity out of some perceived need for lots of counter space -- without noticing or caring that it partially blocks access to the bathroom and makes the room look smaller than it really is. Sometimes less is more, so if you want your bathroom to appear more spacious and inviting, replace that behemoth with a smaller, more practical vanity.

The vanity can score a lot of style points in its own right, to the point that some bathrooms' aesthetics are designed around the vanity as a key attraction. These items can boast a wide range of styles and materials, from angular, minimalist combinations of steel and glass to gorgeous antique carved wood and brass. You may even see a vanity you absolutely love that immediately inspires an entire new look for your bathroom.

Flooring Them with Your Floor

You might be surprised at how dramatically a new floor color, material or style can alter the ambiance of your bathroom, upscaling it from drab utilitarianism to a genuine fashion statement. But you must take care in selecting flooring that adds practicality as well as charm and comfort. No room is more regularly beset with water and moist air than this one, so your flooring must be able to withstand the dampness without sustaining permanent damage. For this reason, you should probably scratch genuine hardwood off your list right now in favor of water-resistant fake woods made of ceramic. In fact, modern ceramic flooring can mimic just about any natural product, from pebbles and marble to concrete -- which may be why 83 percent of home renovators choose this material for their bathrooms.

When you think about how much time a home's occupant spends in the bathroom, it only makes sense to spend the time, effort and money to renovate this space before putting your house on the market -- even if it only means replacing the vanity or adding sliding glass doors to the tub. Talk to your home improvement consultant or designer about creating a more buyer-friendly bathroom!

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