Four Reasons To Get A Boundary Survey For New Home Purchases

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Four Reasons To Get A Boundary Survey For New Home Purchases

26 April 2016
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Purchasing a new home and piece of land is an exciting event. But while most property lines are natural, in many neighborhoods it may be hard to tell the actual line of property ownership. One way to definitively understand how far your property is extended is with a boundary survey. This type of survey uses land records, maps, and indicators placed on the property to determine the exact boundaries of your home. When using a service like this, there are many benefits that come with a new home. By working with a survey company, you can take advantage of these benefits and ensure that your home property is fully outlined.


As you move into a new home, you will likely start planning landscaping changes. This can include anything from planting a garden to mowing the lawn. When determining the boundary lines, you can help determine what parts of the property are actually yours and can be freely manipulated. For example, you may have a tree near your property line that you want to cut down. If the trunk of the tree is based on the neighbor's side, then you only have the right to trim any branches hanging over onto your side. By using the survey, you will have a definitive answer about any trees that are within your property lines. This allows you to landscape freely and have definitive proof over what natural items belong to you as the homeowner.

Current Fence Installations

A lot of people assume that a fence installation typically represents the property boundary lines. However, in many situations this is not a case. Fence installations may have been made shorter due to affordability of materials or a desired yard size. By getting a boundary survey, you can determine if your home's fence truly represents the property lines. If the property expands beyond the fence, then you have multiple options. You can tear your fence down and fully enjoy the expanded space, or add to the fence so that the yard area is larger and offers additional space. This also gives you room in the future to choose expansion options and know where contractors can install new fencing or landscaping designs.

Outdoor Activities

Understanding your property lines can make a huge difference for the variety of outdoor activities that you and your family enjoy. For example, if you have a wooded area in the back of your home, you can understand where the boundaries cut off at. This helps you create personal trails for walking or recreational vehicles like dirt bikes. It can also help you set up campfires that are on your property or use advanced pieces of technology like a flying drone. With the exact property lines, you can set a virtual wall for your drone so it doesn't leave the surrounding property area.

Expanded Yard Use

When you purchase a new home, you may have a lot of ideas for the expansion and upgrade of several home features. For example, you may want to install a new garage on the home. By knowing the width of your property lines, you will know how far you can build outwards on the property. The same idea can be applied to the purchase of extra buildings like a shed. The shed can be installed in a location that still remains on your property without imposing on a neighbor's lawn. The boundary lines can also help for future installations of things like swimming pools, home expansions, or the parking of RVs or extra cars that you do not want to keep in your driveway.

Once the boundary survey is complete, it is useful to share with any contractors or workers that are helping upgrade your home. It's also a great document to showcase your home and land purchase in all of its glory.

For more information about boundary and land surveys, talk with a professional surveying company, such as Krause & Gantzer.