3 Tips For Making Your First Set Of Curtains

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3 Tips For Making Your First Set Of Curtains

19 September 2017
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Making your own curtains is a sensible way to get the style you want and save money. Once starting on a set of curtains, newbies quickly learn that designing and sewing their own curtains is far more challenging than they thought. To help you avoid many of the issues that plague first-time curtain makers, here are some tips to get you started:

Avoid Choosing the Wrong Fabric

One of the mistakes that are commonly made by newbies is assuming than any type of drapery fabric will work for their curtains project. In truth, there are different factors that you should take into consideration when selecting your fabric. If you do not, you could be faced with a fabric that is aesthetically unpleasing.

For instance, you should avoid drapery fabrics that have complex or busy fabrics. Since this is your first time, you want to keep it simple. There are special techniques that are often used with more complex fabrics that are necessary to avoid cosmetic issues.

Buy More Fabric Than Needed

During the process of making your curtains, there are several circumstances that could lead to you not having enough fabric. For instance, the drapery fabric could shrink and you end up with less than needed to complete the curtains. You could even make cutting mistakes that dramatically shorten the amount of fabric you have available.

To avoid having to run back to the fabric store, you need to get more than the pattern you are using requires. If you end up with extra fabric, you can use it towards another project, such as creating cushions for a small chair in a child's room.

Remember to Measure

Even if you are making your curtains with the assistance of a pattern, you need to measure before cutting or sewing the fabric. Measuring helps to decrease the chances of making a mistake. Measuring can help save time and energy that would be spent on correcting mistakes.

Once you have measured, take the time to mark your fabric before cutting. Double-check your measurements and try to keep it as straight as possible. By doing this, you can ensure that your curtains fit your windows without issue.

After you make your first set of curtains, it will become easier. Remember to take your time and seek help if you need it. As you gain experience, you can take on more challenges, such as working with complex patterns. Contact a company that has drapery fabric for home projects for more information.