Four Decorative Ideas To Make Your Home's Backyard More Enjoyable

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Four Decorative Ideas To Make Your Home's Backyard More Enjoyable

23 December 2017
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Landscaping can make your yard more attractive, but this can be a big job, and is often something to consult a landscaper about. However, there are many ideas that can make your backyard more enjoyable that you can easily do yourself. The following are a few of these ideas.

Get a bird feeder

If you want to attract birds to your yard, you can start with a bird feeder. There are many bird feeders, some of which are for specific birds such as a hummingbird feeder. Other bird feeders are designed to allow you to attract the birds you want by placing a specific type of food in the feeder. If you have a patio area where you entertain, you can place the feeder far enough away so the birds won't be frightened by your guests, yet close enough so they will still feed. People will enjoy watching various species of bird feeding in your backyard

Get a bird bath

Bird baths have changed a lot over the years, so if you haven't seen what is available today, you'll likely be surprised. They are made from several different materials, are a available in a wide range of designs, so you are likely to find something that fits with your backyard theme or landscaping. Some of these bird baths are designed in a way that guests may not even recognize them as such, but birds will notice the water and be attracted to it.

Get a garden gnome

You are likely to know what these are, but if not, they are small figurines made of clay that are used for ornamentation in a garden. Small, bearded gentlemen who wear hats, they are often thought to bring a home good luck. They can be a lot of fun and are certainly a conversation piece the first time you have a guest over, and they spot a gnome in a flower bed or beneath a bush.

Replace your rain spout with a rain chain

Your house's rain gutter system will lead rain water to several closed spouts, so the water is directed to specific locations around your home. A rain chain replaces this water spout. Basically it is a long chain or series of cups that direct the water to the ground. However, unlike the closed rain spouts, you can see the water as it flows down. Whether you want a chain or cup configuration, there are many designs available. Although rain chains are very popular in Japan and trace their origin back centuries, they are still not as well known in the western world. They are both visually attractive and beautiful to watch during the rain.

All four ideas listed above can be found at your local garden store or online, and they are easily integrated into anyone's backyard.