Canvas Canopies – How Do You Choose The Right Product?

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Canvas Canopies – How Do You Choose The Right Product?

21 March 2018
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When choosing a canvas canopy to use around your home, you will have several options to choose from. So, how do you know which product to choose to meet your needs? Here, you'll find a little information to help you end up with the best product for your project.

Sun or Rain

Do you hope to use the canopy to shade you or are you hoping that it will keep you dry when it rains? Some canvas canopies are not waterproof or water resistant. If you hope to protect yourself from the rain, you will need to find a canvas canopy that is designed to keep the water off of you. Typically, waterproof or water resistant material will cost a bit more than those products that are designed for sun shade.


Some of the higher-quality canvas canopies are coated with fire retardant finishes. This doesn't mean that it won't catch on fire if exposed directly to a flame, but if you plan to use a fire pit under or near the canopy, it will help to prevent a fire if an ember were to jump out of the fire. Instead of the entire canopy going up in flames, you might have a small burn mark to deal with.


If you plan to leave the canvas canopy up during all types of summer weather, or you are planning to use the canopy around a swimming pool, you should look for a canvas canopy that is mildew resistant. Again, this doesn't mean that it will be safe from mildew growth completely, but it will take much more exposure for the mildew to begin to grow and become an eyesore.


How much work are you willing to put into caring for the canvas canopy? Generally speaking, the higher the quality of fabric, the easier it will be to keep it clean. A scrub brush, garden hose and canvas cleaning products are all that you need to get the canvas looking great once it begins to look a little dingy.


Remember, the larger the canopy, the heavier it will be. The better the quality, the heavier it will be. Keep these things in mind as you plan how you will install the canopy. Will you be putting posts in place? Will you be using a frame? Will you simply drill holes in the trees or buildings on the property? Will you be installing it yourself, or will you leave it to the professionals? Plan your project before you make your purchase so you don't end up with the wrong product.

Talk with a canvas canopy professional for further assistance in choosing the product that will meet your needs perfectly. EVANS AWNING specializes in creating and installing custom awnings you are sure to love.