Catch The Bouquet: The Benefit Of Bringing Home Fresh Flowers

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Catch The Bouquet: The Benefit Of Bringing Home Fresh Flowers

23 June 2018
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The next time you are tempted by fresh-cut flowers at the market or florist, treat yourself. Fresh flowers are a pleasure that not only bring life and color to your home, but that also have numerous benefits--including mental health advantages. Do something good for yourself and enjoy a fresh bouquet, arrangement, or wreath today!

Better Focus

Studies show that placing fresh-cut flowers, foliage, and live plants in office spaces correlates with an increase in productivity. Many researchers believe that the aesthetic appeal of the flowers in a workspace improves the focus of those working there. Try a bouquet in your workplace, cubicle, or home office.

Improved Mood

Put simply, fresh flowers make you happy. A bouquet of colorful blooms with an enticing scent awakens the senses and can put a smile on your face. Think about it: it is hard to be blue when flowers are delivered to your door! Take advantage of whatever is in-season and arrange for a delivery every week to ten days for a consistent cycle of fresh flora.

Less Stress

Have you noticed that spas typically have fresh flowers in their lobby and treatment areas? Many believe that the sight of the flowers is soothing and that the fragrance provides aromatherapy for those nearby. Scents like lavender, rose, and ylang ylang can reduce anxiety and lower blood-pressure, relieve headaches, and reduce tension associated with work-day stress.

Calming Colors

Choose fresh flowers in colors that you enjoy and that will calm you at the end of a long day. Pastel-colored tulips, fragrant hydrangea, and delicate daisies can brighten any space and provide a bit of respite when you are under duress. This could be the mindset behind taking flowers to individuals recovering from illness or injury in the hospital–flowers are therapeutic.

Good Chi'

According to ancient Feng Shui theory, living things are good for the flow of energy through the home. Houseplants and potted flowers bring an element to the home that helps to maintain balance and harmony. Consider Feng Shui-friendly options such as orchids, mums, lilies, irises, and peonies; for positive chi' outdoors, plant maple trees and bamboo near your home.

Treat yourself to a fresh bouquet of whatever is in-season and enjoy the many benefits of flowers. Talk to your favorite florist about regular floral delivery to ensure that you always have the advantages of beautiful blooms without the hassle of going out. Look for a local florist like White House Design Studio for your floral needs.