Three Tips To Keep Granite Counters Like New

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Three Tips To Keep Granite Counters Like New

31 July 2018
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Beautiful granite countertops are an investment in your kitchen that you want to keep looking nice for as long as possible. Fortunately, granite is very durable, which is one reason it works so well in kitchens. Combining the following tips with granite's natural durability, you can be sure your countertops stay in top condition for as long as possible.

Tip #1: Keep it sealed

A granite sealer prevents staining because it creates a barrier. Granite, like all stones, is slightly porous. This means it can absorb spilled liquids and foods, which leads to dark stains on the stone. When you apply a sealer, it is the sealer that is absorbed into the pores. This leaves no space for staining compounds to seep in. Often, granite countertops come factory sealed. But over time and frequent use, this sealer will eventually wear off. You can prevent this from happening by simply reapplying the sealer annually. There are even services that will come out and reseal your countertops for you.

Tip #2: Keep a poultice on hand

Occasionally, something will make it through the sealer and cause a stain. The culprit is usually something acidic, like tomato sauce or red wine. Acids can weaken the sealer, and then the dark compounds in the item leave the stain. Fortunately, this isn't necessarily a permanent problem. If you keep a granite poultice cleaner on hand, you can get rid of the stain overnight. These cleaners are spread over the stain. As they dry, the poultice cleaner pulls the stain out of the stone. You then simply brush it away, give a quick wash, and reapply the sealer, so future staining isn't a concern.

Tip #3: Invest in protective ware

Granite is incredibly hard, but constantly chipping away at it with a sharp object can weaken the sealer and occasionally damage the stone. The same is true of setting hot objects on top of the counter. Although granite isn't prone to developing stains from heat, the repeated application of heat can damage the sealer and leave your counters open to staining from other compounds. Investing in protective ware, like trivets and cutting boards, will prevent these issues. Even better, using a cutting board protects your expensive knives, too, since the stone will definitely dull the blades quickly.

With minimal care, you can have attractive counters. Contact companies like Artisan Granite & Marble for more help with your counters.