Drinking Water Systems For Your Home – What Do You Need?

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Drinking Water Systems For Your Home – What Do You Need?

17 September 2018
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How much time and effort do you put into dragging home jugs of water for your family to drink? Is loading up those empties and heading to the store, dragging them all into the store, filling them, hoisting them back into your cart, paying for them, struggling to load them back into your car, and carrying them back into the house worth it? Why are you doing that to yourself? Here, you'll find a little information about drinking water systems for your home.

Whole House or Individual Sinks

You have to decide if you want to invest in a whole house water cleaning system or individual sink water cleaning systems.

Typically, drinking water systems are mounted underneath each individual sink, but you can invest in a whole house osmosis system if you'd prefer to enjoy clean water throughout the house.

If you have water that stinks and is loaded with sediment, a whole house system would likely be your best decision. Not only is the water not very good to drink without the system, but it's really taking a toll on your entire plumbing system. As the uncleaned water flows through the lines, sediment settles and sticks to the inside. Eventually, the pipes can clog and need to be cleaned.

If the water isn't all that bad and you just want to purify the water that you drink and cook with, a small under-cabinet unit would be all that you'd need. This system cleans only the water coming from the spigot connected to the system.


Finding the time to maintain any drinking water system can be difficult, but you really don't have to do much. If you're short on time, you can schedule maintenance checks and visits for the future. Say you want to have things taken care of the third Friday of every other month – you can set the appointments to have your water system cared for and someone will show up to do it for you. All you have to do is set the appointment and your water system will be good to go.

If you don't know what route to take, your best option is to talk with the professionals offering the drinking water systems, like Oxley Softwater Co. They will be able to tell you what your water needs to keep your family supplied with fresh, clean water without doing any of the hard work that comes with those big jugs.