Love Your Old Charming House But Freezing In The Winter? What To Do

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Love Your Old Charming House But Freezing In The Winter? What To Do

27 October 2018
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Living in an older home that has charm and character may fulfill all of your interior and exterior dreams, but if the house you have purchased has drafts and is chilly, there are a few things to consider. If the furnace isn't that old but you aren't able to stop the drafts in the house, or get the house to a comfortable temperature, there are a few professionals that you will want to call to help get the house ready for winter. Look into the following things.

Insulation is a Great Investment

Insulation is an easy way to improve your home in many ways. With the addition of new spray foam insulation, or even fiberglass insulation, you can expect these things:

  • Prevention of air from the exterior coming in and reduced air loss from the house
  • Eliminate drafts that are coming from the exterior walls
  • Protection from moisture and condensation
  • Prevention of pests penetrating the exterior walls to get inside the house

These benefits are the immediate results that you will notice. The house will be quieter, and your heating and cooling bills will go down.  You may also need to insulate under the roof and in the crawl space or basement to help keep the temperatures in your home comfortable throughout the year.

Door and Window Replacement

Replacing doors and windows can be costly. Although putting new insulation throughout the property will help to insulate around door and window jams, around the doors and windows may still be a problem. Replace entrance doors that are at the risk of intrusion. If it isn't in your budget to replace the windows, then at least look into having a tint or seal put on the glass to help with efficiency. Look at what you can afford and replace what you can.

You may want to have a company come out to the property and do an energy audit, so they can see where you are losing air and energy around the house, and where you are using the most energy. You may find that you are losing air around plumbing fixtures or pipes, or in other areas that you hadn't thought about originally. If you love the character and charm that your old house has and that is why you bought it, you don't have to suffer in cold temperatures because the house is older. Instead, invest in these changes and live more efficiently.