Six Things You Can Do To Make Your Water Softener Last Longer

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Six Things You Can Do To Make Your Water Softener Last Longer

21 January 2019
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If you have hard water, it's important to keep your water softener in good shape to avoid all the consequences of hard water causes in your home. You can extend the lifespan of your water softener and avoid malfunctions through proper use and maintenance.

The following are six things you can do so that your water softener will last longer.

Keep the regenerant level high enough

Letting the regenerant level get low on your water softener allows for greater purity and will also prevent the buildup of residue on your unit. You should refill your water softener before you can see the water around the softener cabinet or brine drum. 

Make sure you change the filter when you're supposed to

One of the easiest and most important maintenance tasks is changing your unit's filter. Check the manufacturer's recommendations on how often you need to change your filter. Then, make sure you keep careful track of when your filter is changed so that you don't go too long on an old filter.

Clean away any hard, salty buildup when you add salt

When your water softener is used, salt bridges or salt buildup can naturally form in the salt compartment. It's important to break up these salt bridges so that your unit continues to function efficiently and doesn't experience malfunctions that could lead to premature wear and tear.

Have a plumber periodically clean out your water softener system

It's a good idea to have your water softener periodically looked at and thoroughly cleaned out by your plumber.

Residue and sediment will inevitably build up in many different components of your water softener over time. Cleaning away this residue and sediment restores effective operation to your water softener and prevent malfunctions. It also leads to the production of purer water by your unit.

Avoid overfilling the salt in your intake compartment too high

Overfilling the salt compartment makes it so that your water softener has to work harder to get the job done. 

The salt intake compartment of most water softeners will have an indicator on it that will show the level at which you should stop adding more salt. Don't go above this indicator or your water softener won't work as efficiently as it should.

Ensure that your water softener is put on the proper settings

There are numerous settings available on a water softener controlling how much the unit softens water and how the softener in the unit regenerates.

You need to make sure that the "hardness" setting is properly set according to how hard your water is. Discuss this issue with your plumber to ensure that your unit is properly set.

For more information about maintaining your water softener system, reach out to a local plumber.