Elegant Accents: Granite Countertop Customization

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Elegant Accents: Granite Countertop Customization

4 December 2019
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Few things in your home will represent quality and durability like granite. However, the ubiquity of granite countertops can make them feel less unique than they once were.

Here are some elegant accents to add to your granite countertops before they're installed.

Beveled Levels

Granite countertop edges are often overlooked. On a kitchen island, the granite countertop edge will serve as a sight line, particularly if you're choosing a contrasting color for your countertop.

Beveled Levels: Your granite countertop contractor can machine your granite countertop edges with ascending or descending beveled edges. For instance, if you're trying to add a neat finish to a mid-century modern kitchen remodel, you can bevel your granite countertop edges in a descending pattern. The descending levels will make the edge slimmer and give the countertop the appearance of tapering down into your cabinets. It's important to remember that bigger beveling creates thicker edges. You can also ask your granite countertop professional to provide you with rounded and sharper beveling on the remainding pieces of granite.

Honing to Perfection

Granite countertops are traditionally glossy. However, you can give the stone a softer look by having your granite countertop contractor give it a honed finish.

Honing to Perfection: Although you can purchase honed granite countertops, polished is likely to be cheaper and more readily available. The most cost-effective option is likely to be honing an already polished countertop. The honing process essentially requires your countertop professional to strip the polish. When they are stripping the polish, you will have the option to go for a completely matte finish or somewhere between. To get the perfect honed finish for your kitchen, it's important to consider how natural and neutral you will want your countertops to be. For instance, a light colored countertop with a matte finish will look darker, which can create contrast in an otherwise light color scheme.

Drop Down the Price

Thicker granite countertops aren't just heavier, but they're also more expensive. However, you can make your granite countertop appear thicker, without spending more money.

Drop-Down Edge: Creating a thin drop-down edge or lip can make an otherwise thin countertop appear thick. Additionally, you can have your drop-down lip flush with the cabinet beneath, or you can have it slightly jut out. The additional depth of the lip will make your countertop wider, which can be particularly useful for kitchen islands and even bathroom vanities. 

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