Got Summer Landscaping Plans? Why You Need To Choose Limestone Pavers

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Got Summer Landscaping Plans? Why You Need To Choose Limestone Pavers

18 June 2020
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If you have plans to redesign your yard this summer, start with the right stone. Many people choose brick or concrete pavers for their walkways and patios. But, those aren't the only options. They might not even be the best option. If you want to choose the best pavers for your yard, go with limestone. You might not think of limestone for backyard paving projects, but you should. Here are four reasons to pick limestone pavers for your backyard project this summer. 

Variety of Colors

If you want to add some variety to your patio and walkways, you need limestone pavers. Brick and concrete pavers come in one or two basic colors. You won't get that when you choose limestone. That's because limestone comes in a variety of colors. You can find limestone in colors that range from blue to yellow. You can even choose between pale pastels and more vibrant colors. Limestone gets its color variations from the different chemicals found inside. Give your patio and walkways unique color. Choose limestone pavers.

Environmentally Friendly

If you're worried about your environmental impact, choose limestone pavers. Concrete and brick pavers have a bigger impact on the environment. One reason for that is because these materials don't occur through a natural process. Limestone is a natural stone. That means there's no manufacturing needed to create it. Do your part for the environment. Choose natural limestone for your patio and walkway pavers. 

Non-Slip Surface

If you want to ensure a safe environment for your family, go with limestone pavers. Limestone pavers are the best option for your walkways and patio. Some materials increase your risk of slip and fall accidents. Your patio and walkways are exposed to the elements. Because of that, you need to take care with the material you choose. Limestone provides a non-slip surface. That means your patio and walkways won't pose a slip and fall risk during rainstorms or summer water play. 


If you want a material that goes beyond patios and walkways, it's time to look at limestone. Limestone has other landscape uses in your yard. You can use limestone pavers to edge water features like ponds. Limestone can also be used for garden benches. Enjoy better versatility. Choose limestone pavers for your landscaping project. 

Now that you're making summer landscaping plans, choose the right pavers. Add limestone pavers to your designs. You'll enjoy their versatility and safety.

For more tips on how to use limestone, reach out to a stone supplier near you.