There's a Better Option: Why You Should Be Using Handmade Soap

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There's a Better Option: Why You Should Be Using Handmade Soap

18 June 2020
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If you're still buying commercial hand soap, it's time for a change. Commercial bar soap does remove the dirt and germs from your hands. But, that's about it. Conversely, handmade bar soap provides a better way to get your hands and body clean. If you're not sure you should switch to handmade soap, read the information provided below. Here are four reasons why you need to switch to handmade soap. 

1. More Options

When you go to the store, you may see several brands of bar soap to choose from. But, that's where the variety ends. Handmade soap offers more options for you to choose from. Handmade soap comes in an assortment of natural scents. They also provide a wider array of health benefits. For instance, some handmade soap contains oatmeal to promote healthy skin. Oatmeal is especially beneficial if you suffer from a skin condition such as eczema. You'll find exactly what you're looking for when you choose handmade soap. 

2. No Big Business

If you're tired of giving your money to big corporations, switch to handmade soap. Handmade soaps come from small business owners. You can find handmade soap makers right in your community. That means your money goes to help a local small business owner. You help a local entrepreneur and keep tax dollars at home. 

3. Natural Ingredients

If you've ever read the package for commercial soap, you know how many chemicals they contain. Some of those chemicals are harmful to your skin. Many ingredients in commercial bar soaps can cause allergic reactions. That's where handmade soap comes into the picture. Handmade soaps contain all-natural ingredients. You won't find any harsh chemicals that can cause rashes or redness. Even the fragrances are all-natural. Keep the harsh chemicals off your skin. Choose handmade soaps instead. 

4. Environmentally-Friendly

If you're worried about the environment, you want to make sure the products you use are safe. Commercial soaps release phosphates into the environment. This includes the water supply. Not only that, but commercial soap manufacturers also go heavy on the packaging. Those packages end up in the landfills. Handmade hand soaps don't contain phosphates. That means they're safer for the water supply. They also don't need as much packaging. That means you won't add to landfill overflow. 

Don't spend your money on commercial soap. Choose handmade soap instead. Handmade soap is better for you and the environment. Learn more by contacting companies like MiPiel.