What's The Safest Way To Display Glass Spheres?

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What's The Safest Way To Display Glass Spheres?

13 April 2021
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Glass spheres are lovely. You can get them in all different sizes, with colors ranging from clear to black and everything in between. Many have galaxy-like patterns and ocean-like swirls, too. Materials range from thin, plain glass to tempered glass to lead crystal, so these are diverse objects that can be arranged to fit any room.

Still, these spheres can shatter or be scratched — or worse, be hidden — if they're not displayed correctly. Even though you could just plunk them down on a table or windowsill, you should take more care with them to ensure they're displayed in such a way that they both look beautiful and stay safe.

Anchor Them With Putty or Museum Wax

Even if the spheres come with display stands, anchor the spheres with putty or museum wax. If they come with stands, anchor both the stand and the sphere. This prevents them from being knocked to the floor by someone being clumsy, an earthquake shaking your home, a cat being bored, and so on. Putty and museum wax are available online, at big box and home improvement stores, and even through earthquake and home preparedness sites.

Don't Crowd Them, Even if You Place Them in a Group

You can display glass spheres by themselves or in groups, but if you display them in a group, don't place them too close to each other. There's a point where that just looks crowded, rather than compact. You won't be able to see as much of each sphere, and they'll be harder to dust, too, because remember if you've got them anchored with putty, you won't want to lift them up to dust them and the surface they're on. (Putty and wax are removable, but remove the same drop of putty or wax too many times and its adhesion can weaken.)

Place Them out of Direct Sunlight

Whether the spheres are made of glass or real crystal — and many "crystal" balls out there are really made of glass — do not place them where direct sunlight can hit them. They can act like magnifying glasses and intensify sunlight to cause fires.

Because direct light can change with the time of day and the season, you may want to display the spheres in a cabinet or partial box that ensures direct light doesn't reach them.

If you want to light up the spheres or display them in light, get lighted LED stands or LED strip lights that you place nearby (not too close, though, as the glass could look like it was reflecting a very bright light).

Glass sphere sets are simple but elegant decorations that you can place almost anywhere in your home. With proper placement, you will not only beautify the room they're in but also keep the spheres and your home in good shape.

For more information, contact a glass sphere set supplier.