4 Reasons Why You Need Patio Covers

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4 Reasons Why You Need Patio Covers

12 August 2021
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If you've added a home patio for relaxation or recreation purposes, you want to enjoy the outdoor environment regardless of the weather. One way of making your patio functional is to add patio covers. Whether you want a reading area or a pad for family entertainment, patio covers keep you and your patio furniture safe all year round.

Selecting the right cover for your patio gives you the liberty to customize it with lights, creeping plants, and different types of cover materials. When installed professionally, these covers increase the usable space within your home whether the sun is blazing hot or there's light rain. You can cover the deck and increase space to install an outdoor kitchen or add furniture for relaxation purposes. 

Here are additional reasons why you need patio coverings.

1. Protection From Inclement Weather

When you install patio covers, you want an option that blends in with your home's exterior and style. However, you'll benefit more since these coverings protect you and your investment from inclement weather. 

Even if you've installed a concrete or wood patio, humidity, excess heat, and snow can lead to deterioration. When uncovered, the wood on your patio can become brittle due to excess heat, and it warps and rots from exposure to water. You should engage a professional exterior decorator to help you pick patio covers that fit the climate in your region.

2. Provides Perfect Shade

If you love capitalizing on the warm summer conditions, covering your patio provides you with quality shade. Indeed, you don't want to spend long days indoors, and investing in reliable patio covers transforms your patio into the perfect lounge or working space. You can opt for a skylight or vinyl covers to allow substantial light, or you can fit side screens to keep the drafts out.

3. They're Durable

There are countless patio cover options in the market. Luckily, many covers are crafted out of weather-resistant material that stands up well against the elements. You must do due diligence on the best types that keep out harmful UV rays while guaranteeing longevity for the deck and your upholstered patio furniture. Also, patio covers are low maintenance compared to planting trees or creepers to shade the area.

4. Reduced Utility Bills

If you think the patio cover up there secures your exterior space exclusively, think again. When you install awnings, lattice wood, or aluminum covers, they prevent excess heat from infiltrating your indoor space. Mounting an awning above your window or siding reduces heat gain, and you can turn down your cooling system much longer. This reduces energy consumption, lowers your energy bills, and extends the life of your AC system.