Spot These Issues And You Need Window Replacement

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Spot These Issues And You Need Window Replacement

8 February 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When it comes to residential windows, you want to make sure that you are always on the lookout for changes in the look or operation of the windows in your home. This way, before any of them get drastically worse, you will be able to have them replaced. To help you understand when you need window replacement services, you will want to check out the following issues:

Drafts Come Through Closed Windows

If your windows are closed all the way but you are still able to feel a breeze when the wind blows in the right direction, you need to get them replaced. You can go around your home to see which windows allow a breeze and which ones don't. You can immediately replace the ones that allow air to pass and replaced the rest as your budget allows. This way, you will not have to worry about increased utility bills.

The Window Frame Is Soft Or Chipping Apart

You will want to take a few minutes to check out the condition of the window frame itself. Even if the glass is in good shape, if the frame is not, it is not going to be energy efficient for your home. A rotted or otherwise damaged window frame can make it easier for the window to fall out of the wall. The longer the window frame is allowed to rot away, the more likely it is that this will happen.

You Can't Lock The Window

If a window lock is broken, the lock itself can be replaced. However, if you are not able to lock your window because the two pieces of the lock are not able to align properly, that is an entirely different issue. There is most likely water damage that has caused some swelling in the wood, which makes it impossible to get the lock to properly latch. This leaves your family at risk of someone breaking into your house. Therefore, it is best if you simply have the damaged windows replaced as soon as possible.

Just make sure that you are comparing the prices and services of a few different window and door replacement companies. You will probably want to resolve your window problem quickly so seek out the company that can help you the soonest. This is especially important if the issues with your windows put you and your loved ones at risk of danger.