How Furniture Can Create Your Mid-Century Living Room

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How Furniture Can Create Your Mid-Century Living Room

26 August 2022
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If you are on the hunt for furniture that can help create the perfect mid-century living room, you are in luck. A variety of pieces can help create a beautiful living room with a mid-century vibe.

Mid-century living rooms are clean and crisp with retro shapes and colors. Here's how you can use furniture to create the living room you've always wanted.

Mix-and-Match Patterns on Furniture

One of the hallmarks of mid-century style is mixing and matching patterns on your furniture. A sofa with a floral print can be paired with a chair that has a geometric print. Or you can use two different patterns on your chairs and have a third, solid-color sofa.

Use Soft Fabrics

Look for furniture with curved lines and soft fabrics. A velvet sofa or a chair with tufted details can add a touch of femininity to your mid-century living room. If you want to avoid creating a stark or stale living room, this will add a bit of softness.

Choose a Statement Chair

A statement chair is a great way to add a touch of personality to your space. A vintage-inspired chair with metal details can add a touch of glamour to your room. Or you can go for a more modern look with a brightly colored chair.

Add a Pop of Color

Mid-century style is all about having fun with color. A bright rug or a set of colorful pillows can add a pop of color to your room. A bold, yellow sofa can make a statement, for example. Primary colors are a great place to begin if you don't know which hues work best.

Use Screens to Divide Your Living Room

If you have a large living room, consider using screens to divide the space. This can help create a more intimate feel in your room. You can also use screens to hide storage areas or create a private nook.

Incorporate Nature

Mid-century style brings the outdoors inside. Incorporate nature into your living room with a large indoor plant or a potted tree. This can help create a more serene and relaxing space. Even large, expansive windows that open up to a garden can create this environment.

Find Furniture You Love

With a few key pieces, you can create the perfect mid-century living room for your home. Your living room should be a reflection of your personal style, and you can ensure that your home feels cozy and retro with just a few pieces.

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