Giving Your Kitchen Cabinets A Facelift: 3 Simple Changes

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Giving Your Kitchen Cabinets A Facelift: 3 Simple Changes

22 September 2022
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Extensive remodeling of your kitchen may not be within the budget or cause too much of an inconvenience. Giving your cabinets a facelift is a faster, less expensive approach to updating your kitchen and making it look new.

Fresh Hardware

The easiest way to remodel your cabinets is to change their appearance on the surface. Changing the hardware is inexpensive and a project you can do on your own. If your current hardware is wood or another basic material, try swapping it for metal. Gold is a popular option because it matches a wide range of materials, especially wood. If you want options that are more modest, try going with silver finishes. To create visual interest, gunmetal is a nice option, especially contrasted with stainless steel appliances or black cabinets. Since copper and brass are infrequently used, these metals may be the right choice to make your kitchen unique.

Update The Materials

Changing the material for the cabinet doors and drawer fronts is more complex and will require professional remodeling services to measure and cut the materials to exact specifications. Wood is classic, especially since there is a wide range of colors. Light-colored wood is a classic because it matches almost any kitchen, but richer woods, such as mahogany, can make your kitchen appear more regal. Fortunately, wood veneer is an option to mimic wood without the cost. Some people choose to have their cabinet doors include glass or stained glass. Not only does this give the cabinets an updated look, but it makes finding items easier or can be used as a display cabinet.

Increase Accessibility

You are not bound by the current configuration of cabinets and drawers. If you want an extensive remodeling project, consider having the size of the current cabinets changed or making them more accessible in other ways. You might have two smaller, side-by-side cabinets that would be more useful if they were merged into a single, larger cabinet. Turning a bottom-level cabinet into a pull-out drawer makes it easier to store large cookware and small appliances. The ability to completely pull out the drawer also prevents items from getting stuck in the back of the drawer, beyond your reach. A spice rack or other organization system can be installed on the inside of a cabinet door.

Making your kitchen look fresh does not require an extensive overhaul. Updating your cabinet materials and hardware is the easiest way to improve the aesthetic. Finding ways to make your kitchen cabinets more accessible can make your kitchen more functional. 

For more info about cabinet remodeling, contact a local contractor.