Three Possible Reasons For A Damaged Sprinkler Pipe

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Three Possible Reasons For A Damaged Sprinkler Pipe

8 December 2022
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When you turn your lawn sprinkler system on, you want to see an immediate flow of water from each of the sprinkler heads. It's a concern, however, if you see a light trickle from some of the heads or notice that some of them aren't releasing water at all. There are several potential reasons for this problem, including the possibility of damage to one of the sprinkler pipes buried in your lawn. This damage can cause the water to leak out of the pipe before it can reach one or more of the sprinkler heads. If you encounter this issue, you'll want to schedule a visit from a local sprinkler repair contractor. Here are some possible reasons for a damaged sprinkler pipe. 

Tree Root Damage

As a tree grows taller, its network of roots pushes farther away from the trunk. It's easy to be unaware of the growth of the roots, given that they're hidden beneath your lawn. These roots are very strong, and while they grow slowly, they have the ability to damage many things that might be in their way. It's highly possible that the roots of a tree in your yard, or perhaps even in a neighbor's yard, have put enough pressure on your sprinkler pipe to cause it to split, resulting in a leak below the surface of your lawn.

Accidental Damage

Some people accidentally damage their sprinkler pipes through the use of garden tools. For example, if you decided to use a shovel to dig a garden or a pond in your yard, and you weren't aware of the location of the sprinkler pipes, it's possible that you could puncture the pipe while digging. Even if you didn't do this work yourself, a hired handyman who was working on a project for you could have accidentally caused the damage.

Animal Damage

It's also possible for an animal that digs in your yard to cause damage to your sprinkler system's pipes. Animals, such as moles, are determined diggers and frequently dig through lawns. If you've seen indicators that suggest an animal has been digging in your yard, and you're now aware of a problem with your sprinkler system, there's a good chance that these two things are connected.

A sprinkler repair contractor will assess your sprinkler system, determine the reason for the issue and its location, and then perform whatever repair work is necessary to get the system working again. Contact a local sprinkler repair service to learn more.